What is the difference between a Shared IP and Dedicated IP VPN service?

Here we will summarize the differences between our Shared and Dedicated IP VPN services:


  • You share ONE public IP with ALL the Shared service users of the VPN server to which you have connected.
  • You have access to ALL the servers on the TUVPN.COM network.
  • On selected servers, you get five ports for incoming connections to your computer (Dynamic RPF). Assigned ports will change for every new connection you make to the TUVPN.COM network.


  • You get ONE public IP assigned EXCLUSIVELY to you on the server you have chosen. This IP is NOT SHARED with any other user.
  • You can access JUST the server for which you have bought the Dedicated IP VPN service.
  • ALL ports are open to the Dedicated IP that you have been assigned. This means that you can run any service that you want on that IP.

 You can find further information about Shared vs Dedicated VPN services in our blog.

 Important note:

For both Shared and Dedicated IP VPN services, the IP assigned to the VPN interface on your computer after connecting to TUVPN.COM will be a private IP. The transparent mapping between this private IP and the associated Public Shared IP or Public Dedicated IP will happen at the VPN server level.

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