I get Error 619 when trying to connect through PPTP. What can I do ?

It is a PPTP client error, and means that you could not contact the server.

There are several possible causes. For a PPTP connection to work, TCP port 1723 must be open on all network devices between the client (you) and the VPN server. Let's examine the list of possible causes of the problem:

  • If you do cut and paste the password, make sure you have not accidentally copied some white space at the beginning or end.
  • If you have a personal firewall on your computer, make sure that TCP port 1723 is open. The default configuration of most personal firewalls block this port. You will have to enable it to allow its operation.
  • If you have a router at home, it may need to be configured to support PPTP VPN. Check how to do it in the instructions. Ususally it will have the option in the Advanced section of web router administration.
  • Your ISP can block PPTP connections ... In this case you can do little to solve this problem. Fortunately, with TUVPN.COM you have an option to access our VPN service via the OpenVPN method for the same price. OpenVPN, as it has been explained in this blog post, is far more robust and works in many more configurations than PPTP. It is highly likely that you can use OpenVPN without any problems and enjoy your connection.
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