I am behind a very restrictive firewall or ISP. Port 1194 UDP is firewalled and I can't access your service via OpenVPN or PPTP. What can I do ?

To allow people behind very restrictive firewalls or ISPs (i.e. just allowing http and https traffic) to enjoy our services, we have setup a separate OpenVPN instance on all our servers that is running over port 443 tcp (port assigned to https and generally allowed through all firewalls and ISPs).

 You can change the protocol and port that OpenVPN connects to using the same process that you use when changing OpenVPN server (check tutorials for your operating system) and modifying the following parameters :

 openvpn 443, openvpn tcp, openvpn https, openvpn firewall


  •  In the line starting with proto, we change udp to tcp.
  •  In the line where we specify to which server we connect, we change the port from 1194 to 443.

 A word of warning about this. OpenVPN is faster and more stable when running over udp. We are providing tcp option because we like to give the maximum number of choices to our users and because some users can't use TUVPN.COM services otherwise. That said, ALWAYS use our normal OpenVPN configuration (1194/udp) when possible. If you want to get more technical on possible issues with tcp, check this thread.

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