OpenVPN error when Windows is not installed on C drive. How can I fix ?

If you don't have Windows installed on C drive, you can get the following error when trying to use our OpenVPN client :

Fri Apr 09 10:54:52 2010 C:\WINDOWS\system32 route.exe ADD MASK
Fri Apr 09 10:54:52 2010 openvpn_execve: CreateProcess C:\WINDOWS\system32 route.exe failed: The system cannot find the path specified. (errno=3)
Fri Apr 09 10:54:52 2010 ERROR: Windows route add command failed: external program did not execute -- returned error code -1

To fix this error add an extra line in your openvpn config file under "inactive 86400" and type the following (edit the configuration file the same way you change OpenVPN node to which to connect. Check tutorials) :

win-sys env

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