TUVPN.COM is operated by Rosebrook Global Enterprises Ltd, a data network security company.

 Preserving The Safety And Security Of Your Information Is Our Cornerstone Priority

TUVPN.COM was born in an environment of increased data monitoring and identity theft on the Internet. This situation presents a clear danger to our personal security, privacy, right to anonymity, and individual freedoms as users of the internet. Further, as we become increasingly mobile and find the need to use various unsecure internet access points (hotspots, WiFi, WLANs....), the need to protect our life on the internet becomes obvious.

Considering this situation, and anticipating the increasingly important role that privacy and anonymity on the Internet plays, we used our team of skilled, highly experienced computer and network security experts, and launched a service to address exactly these issues for personal and SME use.

TUVPN.COM can be defined as a Second-Level ISP (Internet Service Provider) i.e. TUVPN.COM uses Internet connectivity via your primary ISP (BT, Vodafone, AT&T, AOL etc ...) to create a secure, encrypted connection to any of our VPN servers, redirecting all your Internet traffic via this server. Our customers choose which of our global servers with which to connect. Simply, it is as if you were physically on your computer surfing, writing emails, chatting, etc from the country of your selected TUVPN server. You can find more information about Second-Level ISPs at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second-level_ISP.

TUVPN.COM aims to become the benchmark for online security and privacy. This will be achieved by:

• Delivering professional, effective and prompt service to our customers.

• Using the best and most advanced technologies and automation systems to deliver the best service and value.

• Preserving the safety of our customer's information and recognising that our customer's needs come first.

• Listening to our customers and converting their input into improved services to meet their immediate needs.

• Delivering complete customer satisfaction, backed with a money back guarantee (see Terms of Use).


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Name: Maverick82

Country: France

Router: -

Date: 2011-06-04


One of the very best providers on the net. I'm now for 4 months there and everything works perfectly. Their service is great, they have lots of different servers, they have comprehensive tutorials on each issue and speed is good too. I'm very content with this provider... 


Name: Peter Males

Country: Sweden

Router: zyxcel prestige 600series

Date: 2011-03-21


Thanks for your offer and service. Till now I haven't had any problems and everything works perfectly. I really appreciate your fast and competent service as I rapidly got answers to all my issues. And your servers are great too. Please keep up this service! Even when expanding and growing more and more I hope this quality will be maintained. I already have had different providers and their communication was terrible. TUVPN is my first choice. And I will certainly continue my membership here. I would wish a membership of 1 year to be offered. According to the logic of your pricing it would cost 6€? thanks a lot!


Name: Julian Marshall

Country: France

Router: -

Date: 2011-01-21

After a bad experience with change-mon-ip, I\'m relieved and impressed. I had rapid and excellent support when I chose the wrong server, my service was then activated quickly, it works perfectly. Very easy to set up, even for a moron like me. Speeds are as near to normal for the difference to be negligeable.


Name: Renzo Piccardo

Country: Italy

Router: Several, from Hotels and Compa

Date: 2010-10-08

I'm quite satisfied of the service, I'm frequently working in areas with limitations and censorship on the www service, I can overcome this easily and I got a little increase of navigation speed, as the DNS servers in these countries are generally slow !!! thanks a lot, i changed to the 6-months service.

Name: Bent

Country: Sweden

Router: -

Date: 2010-09-30

I'm generally happy with tuvpn and but I have 1 issue. I regulary remotely manage my home server from work which is connected to tuvpn. My server is always connected to tuvpn and I have a script that will reconnect if the connection drops for whatever reason. The reconnection happens sometimes as often as once per day and the internal ip usually changes. That means I no longer know what port I need to connect to, I've solved this by having the reconnenction script also send me email with the new internal ip address. Example my internal ip is: and I've forwarded the ports 45000-45999 to port 22 on my server and I can connect via ssh to my server by sshing :45066. Then at any given moment the connection might be lost and re-established and my new ip could be so I would need to ssh to port 45077. Also If i'm running any services that require port mappings I need to reset the ports everytime the ip changes and like I said it can happen as often as once per day. Granted sometimes it's the same for a week but not always. I would like to have the added benefits of the same shared public ip address as other users of tuvpn but with fixed static port mappings to my account. Is it possible sometimes in the future that I could pick 5 ports that are forwarded to me ?


Name: Paolo Geninazzi

Country: Switzerland

Router: FritzBox 7150

Date: 2010-09-09

Outstanding service! I use the PPTP connection on my Win7 home pc and OpenVPN on my Arch Linux and EVERYTHING works fine! The technical support it's simply perfect, the speed is awesome even if you connect to far away servers! I had a problem in my school 'cause they were blocking every port outside except the 80 and 443 but with OpenVPN you can connect via port 443... that's lovely!


Name: James Blowfield

Country: United Kingdom

Router: -

Date: 2010-07-27

Excellent service. Some problems with login at the end of the period but seems to have resolved after I waited a few hours. Customisable login name would be nice. The given one is too difficult to remember.


Name: Michael Cleary

Country: Australia

Router: -

Date: 2010-06-23

I am very pleased with the TUVPN service and I am transferring to a six month plan when my initial one month period expires. I am in Australia where government is proposing internet censorship. This has been my first use of VPN and it all worked quite easily. I use Ubuntu Linux operating system on my computer and the setup was painless. Thank you for the tutorial support on setup. My only problem was that after transferring to a six month plan and adding funds to my account, the website took me to a page that was not in the English language and I had to log off and then log on again to get back to English. But that is small stuff compared with the very good quality service you offer.


Name: Gones 69

Country: France

Router: -

Date: 2010-04-14

Very good service in general, each server has these advantages over its country of origin. The staff is present and I can trust this VPN, then great for P2P with 5 port forwading. Bonne continuation ...

Name: Nat

Country: Switzerland

Router: Belkin

Date: 2010-04-12

Hello Guys, Just somethings you could incl for future improvements as I know you've asked for members to let you know. * Implement SSH system into the current system either on all servers or a select one or few even to test. * The ability to chain proxy the servers we already have * After Spain I think your next server should be in Australia or somewhere in the far east like Singapore, South Korea or Japan. They have fast servers. Kind regards and great service/support as always.


Name: Peter Otto

Country: United States

Router: -

Date: 2010-02-17

I was very pleased with your customer service; they respond very fast and seem to care about customers. The VPN service works well and is reasonably fast. What I would like to see is the ability to change User-ID and password to access the VPN service, it is VERY hard to remember an arbitrarily chosen combination of letters and numbers!


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